Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year again. Cleaning, organizing, and purging unused items. But if you thought I was talking about my house you'd be partly correct. This is also what I do periodically to keep my computer running smoothly. Just as you take care of your vehicle by giving it regular oil changes and routine maintenance, so too should you clean your computer.

Now we all know, or at least we all should know, to run virus scanning software such as McAfee or AVG regularly. This helps keep malicious software out. But most people don't realize that thorough cleaning of the hardware can be just as important.

All computers whether they be a tower or laptop have fans running internally to help keep the delicate chips from overheating. My personal machine has no less than 7 fans circulating air around to keep everything nice and cool. Now my machine is a powerful gaming machine, but even if your video card doesn't have 2 fans just for itself, your machine still has a few fans and those fans will get gunked up.

If you have floor fans, then you know what I mean. The amount of dust those suckers collect is amazing. Now think about your little tiny computer fan trying to circulate air covered in dust. Not happening.

So it's a good idea to open up the case and blow out the dust. I use a small air compressor and an electric air bed pump. A quick spray and the dust goes flying. However, if it has been a while or, like me, the neighbor decides to excavate next door blowing dust all over the place, then a deeper cleaning may be in order. I actually remove all the fans, blow and wipe them off with a cloth.

It's quite a project and not for the faint of heart. But it keeps everything nice a clean and cool.

If your machine could use a cleaning but are not up to the task of opening it up and/or taking components out than I can help! My service and repair package can easily include a full hardware cleaning for just $25 more.

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